Dovana Delights


A Family Story

It all began with a father and his daughter learning how to make caramels. Years later, after personally experiencing the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Albert decided to figure out how to infuse cannabis into his delicious confections. He started with a four-day course at Oaksterdam and a desire to help people improve their quality of life. Together with his wife, Albert teamed up with groups of friends, partners, and mentors to bring their vision to life. There were trials and errors, long nights of research, and of course many recipes—until the right one stuck.


In For A Treat

At Dovana, we are artisanal candy makers first. We only use the finest ingredients to create melt-in-your mouth delights with a perfect dose of cannabis-infused extract. A tasteful experience that pairs well with serious chill.

Melt the day away

We believe consuming edibles are the most sophisticated way of augmenting your health and wellness plan to maximize the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids and essential oils. Whether you’re looking to get a better night’s sleep, to decompress from a long day’s work, or for relief from aches and pains... Dovana means gift!


Experience the Dovana Difference!