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Family-owned and Operated

Marmello was founded in 2017 by the husband and wife team - Yury Rozenman and Olga Mensky. Dedicated to developing new ways for people to consume medicinal cannabis through safe, healthy and tasty choices, Marmello envisions a world in which Cannabis and other natural therapies are readily accessible and socially supported. They will be legally protected and regulated in a manner that is consistent with the highest standard of care. We will each take responsibility for our individual, collective and environmental health while honoring the diversity in each other and in the natural world.

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An Eastern Europe and French Approach

Our pate du fruit preparation is based on the Eastern Europe and French recipes we have perfected through a series of master classes in Europe and from months of testing in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017. Marmello creates cannabis-infused pates de fruit soft candy. Of all the wonderful confections available throughout the world, pates de fruit are widely recognized as one of the best. These sophisticated candies are usually found through high-end chocolatiers and specialty gourmet food stores. They are bite-sized pieces of fruit jellies sanded with crystallized sugar. Although they may not sound like much, the process for making them is quite intricate, using only the best, typically unsweetened, purest fruit purees.

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Made With Pectin

It is worth mentioning that we solely use pectin in preparation of pate du fruit products. Pectin is a water-soluble fiber located in the cellular walls of fruits. Pectin manifests a very unique chemical structure which promotes binding to heavy metals, lead and other various hazardous substances. Pectin promotes natural excretion of these substances from the human body.

Locally Sourced Fruits and Berries

Our Spring 2019 batch of Marmello pate de fruit was prepared from home grown oranges. Marmello pate de fruit products are fully organic, contain no additives, no preservatives, no coloring agents and most of all taste great. We only pick Northern California seasonal fruits and berries from local California farms to ensure the highest quality and taste consistency from batch to batch.

  • Pate du fruit is a low-calorie sweetness, not containing fat.

  • Pate du fruit is also known to reduce stress and possesses natural antidepressant qualities.

Each box comes with four pate du fruit candies inside, each candy weighs 10 grams and contains 10 mg of active THC or CBD.

We believe 10 mg of THC or CBD is a perfect starting dose for patients and delivers necessary relief within about 30-45 min of dosing. People may have slightly different metabolic profiles and relief onset may vary slightly from patient to patient.